The wood boiler

I promised a while back that I would share some info on our wood burning boiler. Here is a shot this morning of the boiler as I was putting some wood in after milking.

20131127-065605.jpg We use the boilers hot water to heat the entire house and to heat our domestic how water. Compared to the heat pump, its a very warm heat. It’s also nice for the domestic hot water because it’s effectively unlimited and it’s very hot, about 150 degrees which SWMBO loves.
In the picture above you can see part of the wood that we keep seasoned and ready to burn. Here is a video we did on the wood rack if you are interested in how we handle the wood.

Here you can see the back of the boiler with its green spray on foam, transfer pumps, solar connections, etc. This part of the boiler is basically forgotten as it just quietly runs day and night. There is another part of the system I will share another time, the part in the house where all the heat transfer and control take place. I will share that in another post later.

Here you see the business part of the boiler. This is todays load of wood. Since it’s going to be in the upper 40s today, I didn’t need much wood. I will restoke the boiler tonight with more wood because we will have cold weather moving in and we will be going into night time. It will probably take about double this amount of wood.

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  1. I love your blog! Makes me miss cold mornings milking and Not. Makes me very happy to have you here in Wake County.

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