More things you shouldn’t eat from Eat This Not That

Breyer ice cream box.
My beloved Breyers ice cream is on this list of no-nos.

Today we have another list of things you shouldn’t eat. This time they are leaving bacon alone, as they should. Instead they are focusing on things that are contained in the foods that many of us eat every day. The intent seems to be to focus us on things we didn’t realize were in our food and should we find out the truth, we would at least say “yuck!” Personally I don’t eat any of the stuff they are talking about, at least knowingly.

Except for ice cream, I LOVE ice cream. Not quite as much as bacon, but awful close. Having read this article, so lovingly forwarded to me by SWMBO, I started doing a bit of research on Breyers and learned that it isn’t the same ice cream I grew up with.  It appears that Breyers is guilty of the same thing that the other ice creams are and that “natural flavorings” is actually castoreum, or at least can be. The article says 1,000 pounds is used annually in the food industry. That’s a very small amount for the entire industry. I also learned that Breyers has been cheapened over time and it contains less cream than what I grew up with. That’s also why ice cream is soft now coming out of the freezer where it used to be hard. It’s part of the new recipe. This is all internet gossip, but stuff I couldn’t find a counterpoint to. It’s possible my Google-fu has weakened but I’m not so sure.

Apparently this means that I now have to find another ice cream that I can purchase which makes me sad. You just can’t trust anything anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions on an readily available ice cream that I can eat with only the normal, I’m going to get fat guilt? I won’t buy Ben and Jerry’s due to their political stance. Blue Bell is out. Haagen-Dazs has never been my go to. There are some really good ice creams at Whole Foods but I’m not driving to Cary for ice cream. I have a milk cow, sugar, an ice cream maker, and a wife. If I could somehow combine those elements, perhaps I could produce ice cream by some sort of magic. Of course, the trickiest ingredient if the wife. It’s quite volatile and tricky to handle.

If you don’t see posts for a few weeks, my experiment went horribly wrong.

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