Tilapia is worse for you than bacon?!

The offending critter.

What kind of headline is that? Implying there is something wrong with bacon and that gasp! Something could actually be worse than bacon?! I love bacon. Bacon is a physical manifestation of all that is right with the world. No matter what deviltry greet me each day, I know that bacon is going to be there for me each morning and will make me happy. Bacon never lets me down, unless I’m fool enough to run out of bacon which if getting closer every day. I need to process a pig on farm soon so I can smoke some more bacon. Mmmm, home smoked and cured bacon………

What was I talking about. I got lost in bacon. Oh yeah, tilapia. Here is a web post on tilapia and why it’s actually bad for you. It’s from the folks who brought us the book, Eat this, not that. I have one of their books around here somewhere and it was interesting back when I was learning nutrition and still drinking Cokes and eating cereal. Now, it’s not really applicable to my food choices.

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