Today’s grazing and grass update. It’s not all gone, but it’s close.

Grazing update 4-12-2014. Yesterday on the left
Grazing update. Yesterday on the left, today on the right.

As you can see we are getting down to the road. In a few more days we’ll be down to the first pond and beginning to work our way back towards the house.

Close up of grass uneaten
Close up of grass uneaten. 5% of the paddock looks like this.

The grass is growing nicely. The sun and warmth is really having a great effect. However there still isn’t enough grass to keep the cows from eating more than I’d like.

Here you see that there are some areas that the cows haven’t eaten so it’s not like every bit of grass is gone or even eaten but much of the area has been grazed over not once but at least twice. The grass is recovering nicely after the cows rotate off of it but I’m looking forward to having enough grass that we are trampling the extra grass vs. eating 90% of what is there.


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