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Is it your first time here? Read our Frequently Asked Questions before you come.

We are not currently conducting tours due to the covid-19 scare.

We normally only require appointments for tours. Tours cost $20 for 7 people or less, $2.50 per person above 7. All tours take between 45 minutes to an hour. Tours are given during our store hours.

If you need to see Dan specifically (not a tour, an interview, meeting, etc), then contact him via our contact form to schedule something directly. 


35 Replies to “Schedule a tour”

  1. Hello, my name is Michael King, and I am a student at NC State University studying livestock management. I am currently taking a Agricultural Law course; the coursework includes conducting an interview with someone in our chosen field about the impacts of law on his or her operation. I was wondering I there would be some time after October 1st that I may set up a ~10 minute interview with you.
    Thank you very much for your consideration.

  2. I have my grandkids in town this week. Are there any tours available on Thursday April 5th? Please call or text me 919-796-1388

  3. Hi – I was hoping to schedule in the coming weeks. It looks like the month of April is blocked out. Will there be anything available next week? I can be flexible on day/time. Party of 4 with 2 kids. Thanks!

  4. Do you schedule tours on Wednesdays? The calendar won’t let me reserve a spot for next Wednesday.

  5. I visited this morning with my daughter and enjoyed the tour and the shop. After purchasing a few items and getting home I realized there was a $20 tour fee. I wished I would’ve known this beforehand, I could’ve bought more at the store.

  6. Do I have to have an appointment if I’m just going to pick out meat? I have a groupon coupon? Thank you!

  7. Hi Dan! I wanted to see if you had a 2XL in your T-shirts? The one with the Ninja Cow on the front. 🙂 My mechanic here at work slides in on us quiet like a Ninja and that would be perfect for him, also good advertising for you guys! 🙂
    Also dropping in to get some more delicious chicken from you and to say hi. 🙂

  8. I tried to schedule a visit on Febuary 6 at 12:05. I have a very limited schedule. Would it be possible to join a group?

    Thank you, Jessie

    1. If I have a Groupon for a tour, will the Groupon cover me and my home-schooled grandson, or would I need to pay $20 for him to accompany me?

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