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Is it your first time here? Read our Frequently Asked Questions before you come.

We normally only require appointments for tours. Tours cost $20 for 7 people or less, $2.50 per person above 7. All tours take between 45 minutes to an hour. Tours are given during our store hours, which are listed below.

Store hours are Wednesday and Friday 2-6 and Saturday 8-5. No appointment is needed to simply visit the store.

Here is the current calendar for Dan and for the farm. This is live so if you are trying to find an open time, you can see everything below.

Simply click through the days to see whether your choice of days is available. Blocked times are marked as “blocked” and possibly available days just show blank. Just because the calendar is blank, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are available for tours, that will be determined after you contact us. Sometimes I’m transporting pigs or doing some farm work and it doesn’t make it onto the calendar but generally I keep most things on there.

We only allow you to book 60 days in advance. Past that the calendar is automatically blocked. If you need to book something farther in the future, simply contact me and we’ll book it manually.

If you need to see Dan specifically (not a tour, an interview, meeting, etc), then contact him per the below to set something up directly.

If you have any trouble, just email Dan or call/text at 919-810-2530.

35 Replies to “Schedule a tour”

  1. I have my grandkids in town this week. Are there any tours available on Thursday April 5th? Please call or text me 919-796-1388

  2. Hi – I was hoping to schedule in the coming weeks. It looks like the month of April is blocked out. Will there be anything available next week? I can be flexible on day/time. Party of 4 with 2 kids. Thanks!

  3. I visited this morning with my daughter and enjoyed the tour and the shop. After purchasing a few items and getting home I realized there was a $20 tour fee. I wished I would’ve known this beforehand, I could’ve bought more at the store.

  4. Do I have to have an appointment if I’m just going to pick out meat? I have a groupon coupon? Thank you!

  5. Hi Dan! I wanted to see if you had a 2XL in your T-shirts? The one with the Ninja Cow on the front. 🙂 My mechanic here at work slides in on us quiet like a Ninja and that would be perfect for him, also good advertising for you guys! 🙂
    Also dropping in to get some more delicious chicken from you and to say hi. 🙂

  6. I tried to schedule a visit on Febuary 6 at 12:05. I have a very limited schedule. Would it be possible to join a group?

    Thank you, Jessie

    1. If I have a Groupon for a tour, will the Groupon cover me and my home-schooled grandson, or would I need to pay $20 for him to accompany me?

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