Trouble maker

People ask me sometimes how it is that I am able to spend so much time around my animals and then kill them and eat them. I could do another 3000 words on why its not only doable but important for you to know your animal before you eat it. However sometimes all that doesn’t matter. Sometimes you look forward to putting one of these critters in the freezer. Some animals just cause a lot of trouble for no apparent reason. Samuel is one of them. He isn’t a bad cow. He has a decent temperament. He just has this annoying habit of getting tangled up in anything that you are trying to keep untangled. Then to make matter worse he seems to merrily go about his way with no regard to you or your equipment. He will drag wire reels across the pasture, break stakes, and even mess up the waterer. In this video, I have just moved the paddocks and am standing not 10 feet from him watching everybody graze. I turn around and find what you see here. There was a small gap where he could even get into the water hose and 3/4 acre of lush never grazed grass that was completely open without obstacles.

I reminded Sam he wasn’t far from the freezer before we parted ways.

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