Ugh! Not more nerd stuff

To look at our public page you’d think that I haven’t been doing much. Unfortunately, I’ve been doing too much on our website, none of which is fun.

It all started when I received a notice that our website was down. It was down a couple of minutes during the middle of the night so bad, but not the end of the world. Then I received a notice that the site was down for almost an hour. That’s extremely unacceptable. Like sirens going off in my head unacceptable. So first thing that morning I hopped onto our admin site and found…..that…….the…….site……….was………sloooooow.

I’d had an issue with this before, and our hosting provider ended up having had an issue with the server we were on. Surprise, spending more money had solved it so I planned on calling, yelling at them, and getting them to fix it on their dime this time.

The nice support guy answered immediately (Why I love GoDaddy) and jumped right in. Server issue? Nope. Configuration issue? Nope. Hey wait, what’s this? You have 91 gigabytes on your website storage?! That’s insane for a small site.

Hmm, I do upload a lot of pictures. Maybe I’ve gone crazy and didn’t know it?

Hey, what is Updraft plus? That folder is HUGE!

That’s my backup program.

Turned out the backup program had gone crazy and had backed up, to itself, 81 gigs of backup files. Instead of offloading them to our storage site, it was trashing the web server instead and our hard drive space was nearly full. I’ve been fixing this issue ever since. So apologies for the lack of postings. I’m in full on nerd mode, working through the intricacies of web hosting, API calls, and whatnot. We’ll return to your regularly scheduled farm goodness shortly.

Btw, stop by Friday between 2-6. We have LOTS of goodies in the store. Including some new stuff you haven’t seen.

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