So there was no post yesterday. I managed to get out of bed and milk Dottie, then promptly went back to bed and slept through church and lunch.

Somewhere along the way Saturday I was unlucky enough to pick up some sort of bug. The wife said that it was a cold. Obviously she knows nothing about medicine because it was either trichinosis or malaria, or quite possibly scurvy. Definitely something terminal. Either way I was down for the count and didn’t really get out of bed till I collapsed on the couch about 3pm. I did make it to the market with the help of my beautiful SWMBO and picked up veggies and fed the pigs. And I also made the first batch of butter from milk from Dottie. I skimmed off 1/2 gallon of cream and made a bunch of butter. Enough that I need to freeze half of it. I also gave Cotton 1/2 gallon of milk which she promptly scarfed up, quite happily. And lastly I made a batch of starter yogurt so that I can make yogurt for the kids starting tomorrow.

After taking an hour to do 15 minutes of work, I went back to bed to allow my ebola infection to run it’s course. Alas, it appears I have not succumbed to my symptoms and have therefor come to work today. It seems that all my research at WebMD may have been for naught and that SWMBO was correct. Please nobody tell her, I have to live with her.

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