Um, do you have a bathroom?

When we started the store here at the farm, we really didn’t plan on it getting as big as it did. My term for what we do is it is really a kid’s lemonade stand that has gotten out of hand. So the first time we were giving a tour and someone looked at me and said, “Where is your bathroom?” I said,

“Oops, we really don’t have a bathroom for customers. I mean, we have a shop bathroom, but…”

“That will be fine. Where is it?!”

Our bathroom was fine for us guys. It had a sink, and a toilette, and even lights. There was no heat, and since it’s a bunch of farmers using it, it’s not exactly clean or tidy. I mean, realistically, at its dirtiest it was probably cleaner than we are half the time. But as SWMBO pointed out, repeatedly, it was NOT clean enough for a lady to use. The problem was over the past few years we were too busy to do anything about it. But that all changed when we changed our operation this fall. We now have time to actually get things done instead of hopping from emergency to emergency.

Since we’d had such awesome weather right up till this week, we concentrated on outdoor projects but with winter now officially here, we moved indoors. The bathroom project was high on the list.

Shop bathroom, after upgrades
Almost done with the upgrades to the bathroom. Click on the pic to see detail. 

Vicente spent about a week in the bathroom, adding paneling to the walls, cleaning up the mess that was in there, framing in around the sink so that there is a cabinet now with doors, painting, etc. It is now a nice blue color with white accents.

The floor is still concrete, and we still store shop things like welding masks and aprons in there. It’s still a shop bathroom. But at least now it is a presentable shop bathroom.

We still have some work to do. There are going to be curtains on the window as soon as The Princess sews them for me. I bought the material on Wednesday. And Spork and I are going to forge the stanchions for the curtain rod. 

Yes, as in that kind of forging. Hopefully both of these projects will get done shortly and the bathroom will be ready for VIP butts (those would be yours).

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