Update on the baby piglets

Feeding the runt piglet baby food from a syringe
Feeding the runt piglet baby food from a syringe

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you on the baby piglets. Last everyone saw them we had them out for our pig petting event. We have two currently living at the house, or with Lucy depending on what is going on at the time. They will be in the house until they are back on their feet in one case figuratively, in the other literally. We have Stripe, pictured above, who is a true runt but otherwise healthy. And we have Eeyore who is the one who was stepped on by her 700 lb momma.

Stripe is just going to need food and care until she is big enough to eat solid food. Cute to do the first couple times, annoying after a week or two, but no big deal regardless. Then Stripe¬†will be able to fend for herself with the other piglets. It’s just a time thing for her so there isn’t a lot to worry about there.

Eeyore on the other hand has problems. We think she may have broken her pelvis. I’m pretty sure she broke one front leg. Regardless if they are broken or not, she cannot really walk much at all. That means we are having to care for her more than Stripe. Fortunately piglets grow very quickly so even broken, her bones should be knitting and getting stronger fairly quickly. Hopefully we’ll have her back on her feet in a few weeks. I really don’t want to contemplate what will happen otherwise.

Girl feeding baby piglet
Piglets outside in the planter

So overall the little piglets are doing well. They’ve readily taken to eating baby food from us and they much enjoy their time outside and in the planter where they can play and root and get some sunshine.

More updates to come as they progress.

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