Update on #1s new calf, #45

Today I was giving Wildflower a driving lesson on the gator and looked ahead of us just in time to notice that the new calf was sleeping peacefully in the tall grass tucked away outside the paddock. This is normal for little calves who need a little space to get their rest away from the push and shove of the big cows. The moms will tuck them into a quiet spot then go graze with the rest of the herd. #45 was so small I could barely see her in the foot tall grass.

Since #45 is still so young, sometimes you can pet them as you see Wildflower¬†do in the below video. You can only do this for about a day. After that it’s pretty difficult to get your hands on a cow unless you keep doing this daily, which we don’t do.

While we were walking around today, I also happened across this.

Talk about pretty. This solitary flower was growing right out in the middle of the pasture. As I looked closer I could see a grasshopper hanging out on the petal. Luckily I snapped a pic before the grasshopper hopped away.

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