Update on the new puppy

Girl sleeping with two dogs
The Princess, the Rat, and the new puppy.

The new puppy, King, has made himself right at home. I mentioned before that he was shy. Apparently that ship has sailed.

King and Ruby have been rolling around on the floor all day wrestling. He’s chasing the kids around and playing like a puppy should.

He’s also pooping and peeing in places he shouldn’t. And chewing the rug.

But at least I had a chance to take him in the truck this morning and spend some quality time. Of course, he threw up IN my jacket, and on the seat, and on the floor. But at least now I know he’s getting plenty to eat.

Ah, puppies.

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  1. Funny thing is the puppy likes everyone but me. Go figure. I’ve been nothing but nice to the dog, but I think he’s adopted the kids as his pack and I’m a big scary adult.

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