Update on pig medical records

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we treated pigs #27, #29, #31, #32, #33, #34, #36, and #44 with fenbendazole. The vet had recommended a three day course of treatment to break the cycle of the worms. We also treated #34 and #36 with Enroflox, 1.5cc via subQ and 2.5cc of Liquimyacin, via IM. Both were coughing again and needed the boost to help break this pneumonia cycle we seem to be in.

Fenbendazole dewormer box
Dewormer that we are using on our pigs.

We’ll give the deworming a few days to see how the do, then do a ¬†fecal check again to see if we are making progress. Obviously if body condition changes one way or the other considerably, that will tell us as well.

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