Update to the scheduler, and to our schedule

We’ve been in crisis mode since December just barely keeping our head above water. Now, things are settling down and we can be a little more normal.

I’ve updated the scheduler on our website to make it easier to use. No longer will you have to pick your provider. Just pick the type of appointment you want, and then click on the date on the calendar. The scheduler will show you what is available, and book the correct person for you.

Speaking of the correct person. We have some changes in personnel.

For shopping only:

The girls will still be working all day on Saturdays as normal

Lucy is working Wednesday’s and Friday’s in the afternoon.

For tours:

Spork will be working all day on Saturday.

On Monday and Tuesday, Dan will be handling tours and in store appointments.

We are closed on Sundays, and we are closed on Thursdays.

As always, if you need something special, just contact Dan and set it up directly. We have flexibility, but the above is our normal schedule.

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