Updates to product pages have FINALLY been done, and our store is almost done

Our website is setup and run like a blog. That means that when I need to get the word out about something, I just post a new blog post and viola! The word flows across the interwebs like so much magic. However, either because of our setup or my mental block, I always seem to forget to go back and check our website pages which unlike a blog post, are static. The end result is I post on the blog that we have beef, but I don’t go back to the beef page¬†and update it. So I’m telling you that we have plenty of meat on the blog post, but I check the beef page and it says we are out of stock of everything. Sigh. So much for my marketing genius.

This morning I’ve gone through the pork, beef, chicken, and egg pages and updated them to the latest info. The quick version is:

Beef – We are in stock on everything except filet mignon. We sold the last filet yesterday. Ribeyes are starting to get slim. Everything else we are loaded for bear.

Pork – We are heavy on finished pigs but due to a sudden change with the processor we are a few weeks out on taking some pigs to get processed. We have plenty of everything in the freezer except BBQ, which of course everyone who has been here is looking for. I’m getting a bunch of BBQ on the next trip to the processor so come get your bacon and whatever else while you are waiting on BBQ.

Chicken – I have more chicken cuts on the way but we have PLENTY of whole chickens in the freezer, which are cheaper and a better deal anyway. The cut up chicken moves faster than the whole chickens and we mistakenly received a double batch of whole birds so the more whole chicken you buy, the more room I have for cuts the next time.

Eggs – We have eggs coming on Friday. We have multiple people who are waiting on them but we have ordered enough to be able to fill those orders plus have some in stock. We will be keeping eggs in stock finally so in addition to your other proteins, you’ll now be able to get eggs anytime you want. If you want to get on a regular rotation for eggs, just let us know so we can include your needs in our inventory.

Farm store under construction
Our new farm store, nearly completed

As you know, we’ve been rebuilding our farm store since February when the whole thing flooded due to a frozen pipe. We are days away from being done with the store and it looks so much better. We have an issue to solve with our water, then we can finish painting, move the freezers to their final places, set up the table to go with our new counter (which is made of lumber harvested and sawn here on farm) and hang our pictures and paraphernalia. We are going to be on the CFSA farm tour this September so there is a push to get things done before then. It looks like we’ll make it with time to spare, thank God!

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