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I received an email over the weekend saying that was holding an annual best in the area contest and that I should vote for who I liked. I took a moment to scroll through all the choices and saw that we are listed as one of the choices!

I don’t know how you go about being on the list but I’m thankful to be there. I know as I was looking through the choices I was paying attention to who was listed and maybe getting some ideas for date night.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help on things like this, at least according to all the requests I get to go vote in this or that, which I rarely do. So with that black hole of karma, I’m asking you, our customers, to give us some love and vote for us in the farmers market category. We are up against the State Farmer’s Market, so I doubt we’ll be winning anything but at least having a good showing would give us some notoriety which would be great for our little store. The biggest obstacle we have as a business is simply getting the word out to people that we are here so something like this is huge for us.

This is the link that was sent to me in my email, CLICK HERE. I hope it works for people that are not me. The link is about 1000 characters long so who knows? If it doesn’t, go to and click on the left side for “recommendations.” You should be prompted to vote in the contest.

Thank you everyone for your help.

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