Warming by the fire

Pigs warming themselves by the fire
Pigs warming themselves by the fire

Every day we take boxes and boxes of produce and feed our animals. A by product of this process is boxes and boxes. We do what we’ve always done on the farm with cardboard, we burn it in the burn barrel. It just so happens that our burn barrel is right beside the little pig paddock where we keep all of our youngest pigs. During the summer they pay us no mind, but when he days are cold, the pigs do what everyone else you know does when there is a fire, they back right up to it and warm up. You can watch the pigs and they will stand facing one side for a few minutes, then they will switch sides to warm the other side. It’s just like watching people getting around a camp fire or a wood stove. Once they are toasty warm, they’ll wander back off and start rooting for food again but for a while we all enjoy the fire.

Of course, the fire doesn’t replace the warm bedding we give them but who can resist a fire.

Starting tomorrow we should be out of our cold days and the pig will do what we do in the summer with this roaring fire. Stand back as far as possible.

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