We are finally going to be a legit cattle farm part 1

Spreading concrete for our new cattle treatment area
Spreading concrete for our new cattle treatment area

It has been a few years in the making, but we are finally making some progress on doing this thing for real. Step one of being a real cattle farmer is you have to weigh your cows routinely. This tells you their average daily weight gain which is basically how you measure your effectiveness. It also helps you know when cows are performing, not performing, finishing, etc.

Now I’ve tried getting them to stand on my bathroom scale but they just won’t do it. Plus SWMBO likes to keep the scale clean and the cows, well, you know.

About a year ago I ordered a set of load bars and a display from a company I lucked across with a good price on weighing equipment. The whole getup has been sitting in the shop gathering dust since then, waiting for its day on the to do list. A few weeks ago we finally got around to it.

The way the load bar works is we take our head gate we already have, seen here. 20140703-144256-52976028.jpg

And we remove it from where it sits at the end of our corral. We have to pour a concrete pad so the new getup sits level and so we have a good place to work when cows are in the load gate.

About to pour concrete.
About to pour concrete

Miguel built a form for a new pad that he was happy with, but he didn’t like me getting his picture. Something about his time working for Pablo Escobar. I didn’t really follow it all, oh well. I’m sure it’ll be fine


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