We are now just a cattle farm

So apparently when you post a new article, you are supposed to hit the “publish” button. Today, Monday, I realize that I never hit publish on Sunday. So the ending of this post is a day off. The rest, well “timeless” gives it too much credit. “Meaningless” is probably more appropriate for my ramblings.

No pictures to accompany this post. I was too busy to take photos of anything I was doing that would look half way decent. The past few weeks has been a whirlwind. We’ve hauled off multiple trailer loads of cattle, and multiple trailer loads of pigs. This past Friday, I took the final load of seven pigs to the market.

I left before the sun came up, which of course makes it challenging to hook up the trailer first thing in the morning. Bonking my head on stuff. Missing the ball by 1/2″ too far because I can’t see in the dark and having to start all over again. But eventually I got it all hooked up and off I went, pigs in tow. I arrived at the market before their help had arrived since I needed to be in Fayetteville for a meeting at 9:30. Usually when I take cattle to this market, it is a line of people getting in, and a fairly robust system for offloading cattle with lots of help, gates, pens, etc.

For unloading the pigs, you go WAY over there to the other end of the building. That is where Larry, Laurence, Len? I don’t know his name. I think it started with an L. I call him, “My meth head friend.” He is there.


By himself.

WAY away from everyone else.

It looks, and feels, like purgatory.

My experience with Mr Meth is that today isn’t a good day. Probably the worst day ever. I know what you are thinking. That can’t be true, because just last week when I was there, THAT was his worst day ever. But that day paled in comparison to today. He’s kind of a cross between Keith Flint of Prodigy

And Popeye the sailer man.

But not the happy Popeye in this video. The one who is cursing under his breath the entire time. I’m guessing the meth supply in Siler City as is challenged as the rest of our nations supply chain and that is the reason for his displeasure. Dunno.

Despite the rough morning Mr Meth was having, we were able to eventually get my pigs unloaded in record time. The previous record being over an hour for 12 pigs, so it wasn’t much of a challenge.

These were our only remaining pigs, the rest having been processed and put back in the freezers for future store needs. That is until we switch over to our new pig farmer who we’ll use going forward once our pork runs out. When I pulled away with my now empty trailer, we were no longer in the pig production business.

We’ve been in the pig business for years now. Hauling, sorting, and feeding tens of millions of pounds of produce. I need to go count up all the produce we hauled but that is for another day. For now, I have 15 cows who need hay occasionally and NOTHING ELSE to feed on the farm for the first time in years. I’m going to go to church this morning, have my breakfast, and then go fly some cadets this afternoon. It is going to be a good first day not feeding pigs.

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