We are open normal hours today and Saturday

I’ll be dropping off a cow today, so that we can have a restock of fresh beef next Friday. So we should be open as normal, with lots of beef and still pork remaining from our pickup earlier this week.

One thing we don’t have yet is our sausages. I dropped off about 300 lbs of pork at the sausage maker last week and they are working through it now. Thankfully they are still open. Hopefully I can run over there today to drop off one last bit of pork I missed (duh) and they can start cooking BBQ next week.

The girls will be working instead of Jeanette both Friday and Saturday. That means there may be cookies. Maybe not. Depends on what mood the wife is in. With all the craziness going on, she’s not keen on extra cleaning in the kitchen. She is however interested in some spring cleaning so if it looks like we are having a yard sale in the front yard, that is just the wife doing her thing. I’m going to hide in my truck today and stay on the road picking up and dropping off meat.

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  1. Dan,
    I was at your farm store in late December, and asked your daughter what type of aircraft you flew. She pointed to the Super STOL in back of the store. (I visited the factory in Walhalla several years ago. )
    If you have time to talk about your building experience, I would appreciate it. 919-909-5027

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