We are sorta closed today, but open if you need us

Closed signPower is back on! Everything has weathered the storm very well but the roads are a bit messy and it is going to be rainy all day. We are not going to open the store today but we are going to be home. If anyone needs product, we are going to post Dan’s phone number on the door and you can just call when you get here. We’ll walk over and help you with what you need, no problem. We just aren’t going to open like normal.

This is a bit nostalgic for me, as this is how we used to work. We didn’t have store hours, but I met everyone one on one instead.

If you have cabin fever, feel free to stop by, we certainly don’t mind opening up for you. Just know we might be in our jammies. 🙂

We should be back to normal on Monday.

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