We are still open normal hours

I keep getting emails from really smart people asking, “So um, with the zombie apocalypse and all, are you guys open like normal?”

The answer is, yes, we are open like normal. Well as normal as we can be right now. We are limiting our patrons in the store to 5 people at a time. We are also pretty thin on chicken and some cuts of pork. Beef and other items are still fairly decent. Seafood is starting to look a bit thin but it looks like there is still a selection. We have eggs a plenty (thank you Christy, Tamryn, Jeanette, and Bill) who are all contributing everything they can to help meet demand on eggs.

The Princess is working this week, giving Jeanette some time off. She’ll be glad to help you when you stop by.

We have had some people asking if we are doing preorders and curbside delivery. Because we are staffed by one 13 year old, the answer is no. We just don’t have the staffing to have curbside delivery but we are wiping everything down repeatedly, and requiring that everyone wash their hands before they enter the store.

We are happy to see you Friday and Saturday during our normal hours. As always, we appreciate your support during this crazy time.

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