We are stocked up on raw milk and eggs

With the cows and the chickens working overtime (plus a few farmers), we are back in business on milk and eggs.

Farm fresh raw milk and eggs in fridge
Pet milk and farm fresh eggs, cooled down and just waiting on labels

Also for those waiting on pork products, I dropped off three pigs this morning at the processor so we can get some pastured, grain-free, GMO free, anti-biotic free, porky goodness coming our way.

Pigs walking off of a trailer
Pigs getting off of the trailer.

We were only scheduled to take two pigs but we had such a run on pork the last few days that we added an extra pig to the load this morning.

Pigs just off of a trailer
The third pig, already off loaded

That should give us about 500 pounds of pork coming our way, mostly different sausages and chops. However we are bringing in one whole boneless loin for those of you who have asked for one in the past. We are hoping to get everything ready and picked up this week but it may be next week before everything is done. There is only so much we can do to rush the processor.

Either way, we’ll be sure to let you all know when we get bacon, breakfast sausage, pigs feet (yes, I ran out of pigs feet!) etc, back in stock. In the meantime, we still have plenty of pork chops, Boston butts, BBQ, etc in the freezer, plus all the beef and chicken in our other freezers. Just hop on our handy online scheduler and make arrangements to stop by and grab some meaty goodness.

Wine for sale in farm store
Adams Vineyards wine available in our store

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