We have all cuts of beef back in stock for your cookout!!

I’ve been telling everyone that we’d be back in beef by about September but last week we took three cows to the processor earlier than expected. Yesterday we picked up a little over 1000 pounds of beef from those three cows. That means that we have all the cuts available right now, T-bones, ribeyes, roasts, filets, and of course lots of hamburger. Plus skirt steak, flank steak, flat iron steak, etc, etc.

Freezer full of beef
Our newest freezer, chock full of beefy goodness

We brought in so much beef, that I had to order another freezer just to hold it all. Even with the new freezer in place, the freezers are pretty much jam packed.

Freezer full of beef.
Our original beef freezer, also full to the brim.

We have two freezers that are full of nothing but beef for your selection. We also had the cows cut differently so that some have t-bones, some has filet mignon. We’ve never had this much choice at once so there should be something for everyone.

A freezer full of chicken
A freezer full of chicken

In addition to all the beef we now have for you, we also have a freezer full of farm fresh, grass raised chicken. We had to borrow part of this freezer to hold some beef, and some snack sticks for Neuse River Brewing Company, whom we are anxiously awaiting to open as we’ll be on their tasting menu!

A freezer full of pork
Our pork freezer, full and ready to go

We have bacon, break fast sausage, ground pork, Boston Butts, and BBQ all waiting for you. We also have a good selection of sausage still with more on the way. I also see some racks of ribs hiding there in the bottom.

Freezer full of beef
Our overflow freezer, completely disorganized and overflowing.

Those are five different freezers full of meat. We’ve never had this much selection or quantify before. Lord willing we should be able to maintain this for the foreseeable future so if you’re looking for some protein for the dinner table, or something to grill out for the 4th of July, email me at dan@ninjacowfarm.com and let’s get you stocked up!

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