We have beef fresh in stock!

Yesterday I picked up beef at the processor and the freezers, they are stuffed! We have ALL the cuts back in the store, steaks, ribs, osso bucco, you name it. Everything you need for beef, pork, and chicken is in stock. I don’t think we’ve ever had the selection this complete before so come on out and stock up on goodies.

Farm store
Our new setup in the farm store.

Also, we’ve had another big change in our store. We have new massive freezers to hold all the goodies and make better use of our space. These freezers are so big that we had to take them apart to get them in the door. ┬áThe great part about them is they can swallow an entire tote which means I can load a full basket of meat and just slide it into the freezer. As I get them more organized it will get easier and easier to move meat in and out while also making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. Plus they are shiny and have buttons, which is pretty much kryptonite to me.

You’ll note that there are black stripes on the freezers. This is chalkboard contact paper that was recommended to me by our friend and neighbor Jennifer with Buck Naked Farm. It took a few hours to get everything put on like I wanted it (I’m fussy) but now we have chalk boards on our freezers which means I can now write the prices on the door so you don’t have to ask before you shop. When our newest employee, Makayla, gets here today with her pretty girl handwriting (as opposed to my illegible, Doctor with Parkinson’s handwriting), I’ll have her list all the prices for each cut.

So even if you don’t need to stock up, come by and see our new setup. The cows are here, the pigs are here, and it’s not raining!

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