We have beef! Plus an announcement

Well, almost.

Tomorrow morning first thing I’ll be picking up our latest cow from the processor. That means when Lucy is working from 2-5 tomorrow afternoon, and on Saturday 8-5 (excluding lunch) when the girls will be working, we will have beef fully stocked. All the steaks, ribs, cube steaks, etc will be here ready for you and for the upcoming 4th of July cookout you are planning. You remembered that it is next weekend, right?

Grilling steaks for the 4th of July
Now that’s American

Make sure you have your beef ready for the grill, come get some tomorrow or Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday, the promised announcement.

We are doing something different this coming Saturday. If you are only coming to shop in the store (no tours) then you don’t need an appointment, just stop by. The girls will be here and open fromĀ 8-12, and then from 1-5. Just stop by and shop away without worrying about an appointment. We are trying an experiment to see if the girls can handle the flow now that they are experienced. They will, as usual, have chocolate chip cookies as well so that should be enticement enough.

So come and get some steak and give the girls a test. SWMBO will be here as well to help out in case it does get a bit hectic.

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