We have hummus!

Day 1 of having hummus in the store

Jeanette, “I brought in a bunch of new products. Bison, venison, elk, hummus…..”

Farmer Dan (internal dialogue) I sorta stopped listening at hummus. I don’t know what else she said. I LOVE hummus.

Farmer Dan to Jeanette, after an unexplained pause while he wasn’t listening, “Oh good. I like hummus.”

Jeanette, looks confused since he didn’t comment on the 17 other new items she was talking about.

End scene

Day 3 of having hummus in the store

Darling Wifey, “Hey! Did you know Jeanette brought hummus in the store?”

Farmer Dan, “Yeah, I heard something about that (discretely looks for crumbs on his shirt)

Darling Wifey, “I grabbed some. Let’s have it for lunch.”

Farmer Dan, “Sounds good. I’ll grab some cheese to go with it.”

Couple happily munches away at the kitchen table, discussing the day.

End scene

Day 4 of having hummus in the store

Darling Wifey, “Did you know there are two kinds of hummus in the store? Let’s try the other kind….”

Day 5 of having hummus in the store

Darling Wifey, “Ugh, WHY did Jeanette bring hummus in? I’m going to gain 20 pounds on this stuff!”

Farmer Dan, “Crunch, crunch. (Said while busily stuffing crackers and hummus in his mouth) Mmm hmm. I agree. Terrible idea. But don’t tell her. It’ll hurt her feelings.”


So there is a lot less hummus in the store now. And it is declining every day. Especially if the wife isn’t supervising Farmer Dan. Not to worry though, I’m sure Jeanette will be ordering some more soon.

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