We have ice cream in the store

Ice cream in meat freezer
Mmm, yummy yummy ice cream!

This is the before picture. Before this shiny even row of ice cream was decimated by the crowd (and my kids) this weekend.

The ice cream was so new that we didn’t even have spoons in the store to send out with the pints (sorry kids, you’ll have to wait till you get home 🙂

Actually one little girl, who’d just been feeding cows and had been drooled on quite a bit, decided she couldn’t wait and dipped her finger in the ice cream to try a bite. Nobody really thought it through so I asked, “Is that the hand you were just feeding cows with?” I figured she’d be grossed out but she shrugged her shoulders and merrily kept eating her ice cream. Based on the looks on her family’s faces, she claimed that pint as her own. Way to go girl! I was impressed.

So far the comments from customers have been stellar on the ice cream. The girls were a little concerned that having ice cream would hurt cookie sales but we managed to sell all the cookies we had yesterday, except two, and those two got scarfed up by the kids after work so all is well. They even managed to split two cookies three ways without fighting. But I attribute that peaceful outcome more to them being tired than really getting along that well. That’s a parenting tip there folks, make your kids work 10 hour shifts with no breaks and they get along just fine. 🙂

As long as our dairy will keep selling to us, I think the ice cream is here to stay. We even discussed putting some chairs in front of the store so folks can sit and enjoy their ice cream if they want. I know after a long day, I’d like to do exactly that so as soon as I find some furniture I like (and can afford) look for some outdoor seating in time for spring.

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  1. Love your posts, and your parenting tips! We’re going to have to bring the grandchildren again for a visit?

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