We have more beef coming

So the last time we went to the processor, we were lucky and were able to process two cows instead of the normal one. At the time it looked like we’d be in pretty good shape till April 11th when we took our next cow. But everyone heard we had beef in and it’s been nonstop in this place ever since. Today, when you open the beef freezer you can hear the echo it’s so empty. We have chuck steak, beef stew, liver, and beef bones for stew. That’s IT. I can’t get this next cow to the processor fast enough. We will have our next cow on the trailer early Monday morning but in the meantime we are painfully short of beef.

We do have a well stocked pork freezer and I just dropped off two huge hogs at the processor on Thursday, so we have more coming. We also just restocked our dairy and I bought all the chicken that my chicken farmer had, period. She couldn’t even go to the market herself because I’d cleaned her out. So don’t despair, we have plenty of meat in the store and we have more coming shortly. But for now, it’s slim pickings if you want beef.

We do have a good list of people who have put in their pre-orders so don’t feel like you can’t come in if you were looking for beef. We can get your beef pre-order down while you are here and then let you know when your order is ready for pickup so you don’t have to try and get here right when the next cow arrives.

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