We have officially arrived! A NCF drinking mug!

This isn’t quite the same as getting your face on a box of Wheaties but it’s just as good to me. My own personalized farm mug, complete with industrial handle. This was a gift from our great friend Kristen. Apparently she makes these things custom, which is too cool.

This is the perfect gift because sometimes after a week of farming I need an industrial drink and this is just the mug! Plus it must hold a gallon of whatever you put in it and it has a built in drinking straw so it’s easy to sip my concoction while I relax. With my drinking problem, this will be the perfect mug for the king farmer after a hard days work!

It says, Life is better at Ninja Cow Farm, complete with cool Ninja font no less
It says, “Life is better at Ninja Cow Farm”, complete with cool Ninja font no less


Might as well say "Property of"
Might as well say “Property of” for all the use I’ll get out of this thing.

What’s this? SWMBO? Who put that on there? She doesn’t herd cattle, wrestle pigs, or castrate calves! All she does is plan and cook three meals a day, home school the children five days a week, manage the household, manage the budget, do all the shopping, handle all the pets, schedule everything, and deal with me. I mean she’s probably done by 10am with that schedule! Why does she gets a mug and I don’t?! I’m the farmer, I’m the one that needs a cool personalized mug. Well, and Miguel, since he does all the actual farm work. I wonder how I get a mug in Spanish…


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