We have pet milk again!!

Well, not us. The calf has milk. But after new years, we’ll start having milk again in the store.

This week, Betsy had a beautiful little red heifer who has yet to be named (I’m sure that is in process.)

Betsy's new calf
Betsy’s new calf

Erin has been out checking on Betsy the last few days so she was right there when the calf was born. While new calves on the farm isn’t exactly a rare occurrence around here, this is just one of a few that have belonged to Erin as our resident milker.

Betsy and her calf
Mom and calf, both doing well

For all of you who’ve been asking when we’ll have milk again, there stands your answer. We’d planned on January for a birth but it looks like Betsy had other ideas. So this means the first week in January, if everything goes well, we should have pet milk back in the store. We will only be milking one cow so no mad rushes to buy it all. We’ll be back to one gallon per family, at least till we see what we have coming in daily. Betsy with a new calf should put out a pretty decent amount of milk so we’ll lift the restrictions ASAP.

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