We have piglets!

Piglets hiding under a hog panel
Piglets hiding under a hog panel

Last week one of our moms had a litter of piglets. I’ve been so busy with Spork working on our father and son summer project that I hadn’t even been able to get over there to take pictures. But Sunday is my day to run the farm so there was no doubt I’d be over there.

I’d love to tell you that there is a series of increasing cuteness pics coming. But the next shot looked like this.

Nothing to see here, move along
Nothing to see here, move along

Momma was having none of it. Spork was feeding her while I was trying to get some pics and she left the food immediately to come and tell me just what she thought of me being near her kids. I told her I understood by beating feet out of there. 700 lbs of cranky mom is nothing to argue with.

When we are giving tours now, we’ll be stopping by to see these little guys, who are out and about and having fun. As they get older they actually start ranging out and playing so there should be plenty of cuteness for our tours for the next couple of months.

There were 11 piglets born. Two didn’t make it (sadly it is normal to loose a few the first day) so we have 9 running around healthy and happy.

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