We have shirts back in stock!

Hot pink Ninja Cow Farm shirts
Hot pink Ninja Cow shirts

On the left you can see the front of the shirt. On the right, you can see the back.

These are the same shirts you see me wearing when you come for a tour. Well, mine aren’t pink, but everything else is the same, down to the manufacturer. We ordered in a bunch of new shirts in all sizes both adult and children’s sizes. They are $20 each and we will have them in stock till we run out.

White farm shirt
The white version of the shirt.

We also have our license plates available for those who want to represent as they drive around daily. These are the same plates we have on all of our farm vehicles. They are also $20 each.

As we work on our displays in the newly revamped farm store, we’ll be putting these swag items out for your viewing and shopping pleasure. Of course, I have to build all the displays first, so I’m not sure which month it’ll be before that happens. It will most likely be cold. Until then, ask me if you are looking for some swag. I have it, it’s just not displayed correctly yet.

T-shirts stored in plastic bins
Our current shirt display/storage

I remember distinctly someone telling me that once I sold my business, I’d be bored in 30 days. With a farm, I won’t be bored in 30 years!

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