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We started our little farm blog in the middle of 2013. At that time writing on the internet was kind of scary. Not knowing what the reaction would be, maybe (probably) saying something stupid and getting flamed for it. Learning new software. Fortunately, nobody was looking anyway so the mistakes, while immortal via the power of the interweb, weren’t really that big of a deal. At the end of the year I got a surprise email from WordPress showing our first year’s statistics.

That first partial year we had 4100 site views! Wow! And one day, we had 123 visits. In one day! I was pretty stoked. In my post about the statistics I focused on the fact that I’d been trying to post every day and I pretty much had. 160 posts was just about on target. Having some views just made it all the better.

Last year I didn’t publish the site statistics because I was busy selling my company and going into farming full-time. But the report is still out there so for comparison here is last years report.

Increasing trend graph
Getting better all the time

It was our first full year of having the website and the growth was tremendous. From 4100 visits to 29,000! I kind of felt like a real blogger, averaging almost 2500 visits per month to our little farm website. With those numbers, it wasn’t just my mom and a couple of friends. We had real readership. One day we had almost 600 visits in a single day. Now we were cooking and I could feel a little cocky about my blogging career. Of course I wasn’t getting paid, or really selling that much meat but we really didn’t have that much to sell at that time anyway so I took what success I could.

This year’s statistics have just been released. 51,000 visits to our site, averaging 4,250 per month. We didn’t exactly double our growth but still awesome. Except the report came out before the end of December. In just December, we had over 11,500 site visits, meaning if we keep this pace for 2016, we’ll have over 125,000 visitors to our little farm site. That is a staggering amount of traffic for a site showing pictures of piglets and selling a little bit of meat on farm only. This volume also means we’ve added in things like our online scheduler and cleaned up some of the menus. We never really stop working on the site so expect more to come.

Also, we are adding more product all the time. We already have honey, soap, jams, and also wine. We have recently begun stocking raw pet milk. We have in the works fresh farm baked breads and pies and also cheeses will be coming in January.

Who knows what 2016 will bring, but we are looking forward to it, whatever it is.

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