We’re back in the milk business

Yesterday Erin and I travelled to Creedmoor to look at a milk cow that was for sale. She’s just freshened on the 21st of January and she looked pretty good from the pics.

After driving about 45 minutes, we arrived at a closed farm where we met the farmer’s wife, Linda. Linda’s husband had injured himself and he wasn’t able to milk anymore. Linda loved milking, but was tied up making a living off the farm as many farmers are. Therefor they were selling this freshly freshened milk cow and her little bull calf. Erin and I looked the cow over as best we could and by all accounts she looked great. The calf was cute as a button and everything seemed like a decent deal. Well, she was a little expensive but with what happened to Ginger I wasn’t in a negotiating position. The cow is a Heinz 57 of a breed. She’s 1/2 Jersey, 1/4 Dexter, and 1/4 Holstein. The calf is even more of a mutt with a makeup of 1/4 Holstein, 1/4 Jersey, 1/4 milking Devon, and 1/4 Main Anjou. Phew!

As we talked a few minutes, I noticed that the bull calf peed out “his” backside. Now I’m no expert, but bull calves pee from a different spot. Heifer calves pee out the back. Erin noticed the same thing so we asked Linda if the calf was a bull. “Sure is!” We’d already agreed to the deal so we pointed out she was a heifer and explained to Linda what she was selling. Heifer calves are worth a lot more. She agreed to go ahead and we paid her and backed the trailer up. The calf was a tiny fuzzball so when she got near the trailer I scooped her up and plopped her into the trailer. I then walked her into the front so I could close the cut gate and then coax mom in the trailer with me. As I was walking forward, I felt the trailer move and looked back. Mom had hopped in with me and was ambling forward. I closed the cut gate and Erin closed the rear gate and we had both cows loaded easier than I’ve ever loaded anything or anybody. It took about 5 seconds.

We put mom and daughter into the barn last night and we’ll begin working with her, and milking her today.

Milk cow and calf in barn
Did I mention that they are super cute?

Both cows are really cute. The mom’s name is Betsy and the calf’s name was Bernie since Linda thought she was a boy. I was going to keep Bernie and just say it was for Bernice but SWMBO has declared that’s a terrible name so we’ll see. So far they both are sweet but as they say the proof is in the pudding. We’ll see how milking goes. She may be a devil cow in disguise!

Scary looking milk cow
Devil cow??


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  1. I hope they both stay sweet, sane, and healthy. Maybe all the good qualities of all those breeds have added into the mix.

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