We’ve lost power, and it won’t be on soon

Yesterday afternoon, during the hurricane, Miguel went to the market while I went to Apex to visit our vet. I needed to pick up some replacement supplies after using a bunch of our gear on the cow who didn’t make it.

I was not surprised to get a call from SWMBO, who along with the girls, was manning the store. She informed me that the power was off.

“Well Honey, there is a hurricane, you know. And, I’m driving in it. Just hunker down, I’ll be there asap.”

I arrived to find that everyone was sitting in the dark, in the store. They stayed in case customers showed up. What a good family. I didn’t see any real reason for the power to be out but no matter, let’s go to the house. I’ll go back over and fire up a generator if we need to.

When I walked back over, that’s when I noticed the power lines on the ground. Uh oh. Then I noted more lines down to the barn. Double uh oh. I walked just down the hill and found this.

Tree down on the farm, and the power lines with it
Tree down on the farm, and the power lines with it

It was still raining sideways so there was no sense in messing with it then. That is Sunday’s project. Luckily Vicente is making up his off day yesterday so he and Spork can feed while I work on this tree. Once the tree is cut up, we can hopefully get Duke Energy back out here to reconnect the power. Fortunately I learned a little secret in that farmers with livestock get on the priority list for reconnects. You see, people can drink bottled water. Cows don’t like Evian. Plus they need about 7 gallons a day each and that’s a lot of bottles to open with no thumbs. Better to get the power turned back on for the farmer. You have to know the secret handshake and have a decoder ring to get through to Duke your message but once done, it seems to work fairly well so there is hope for us.

Regardless, we’ll be in emergency mode till the power is back on, whenever that is. If you have a tour booked, or need goodies, make sure you text me first to see if we can accommodate you. Once we get back to speed here, then Spork and I are on call for relief support down East with the Civil Air Patrol. Supposedly we are going to be manning a Point Of Distribution (POD). That is where people go to get food, water, etc when a storm like this hits. We’ll see if we get the call. We can’t leave till our place is back to speed, at least enough to get by.

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