What a glorious weekend

I don’t know what the rest of you did this weekend, but I soaked up as much of the outside as I possibly could. No humidity, barely any wind, perfectly blue skies, and warm weather. I know that soon it will be cold, and the grass will all be brown, and we’ll be dealing with mud, snow, etc. But for now, it doesn’t get any better than it was this past weekend.

My neighbor decided to do some drone flying, and happened to catch a still picture of our pastures, one of our ponds, and surprisingly a flock of birds enjoying the perfect flying weather. It’s also probably the last pic we’ll have of green pastures, so I wanted to save it to look at in February when I’m sick and tired of brown and grey!

Drone shot of the farm on a perfect day.
Another shot of the farm. Goodbye green grass and blue skies. Hello winter.

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