What a truck load of watermelons looks like

I talk about getting a huge load of produce often on here. Sometimes we get 10 pallets of food, sometimes we end up with 20 pallets after multiple runs. However I think we’ve set a new record for hauling produce for us.

Miguel received a call that there was a truck load of watermelons that we could have at the market. The watermelons were still on the truck, all we had to do was get it to the farm.

Sure, no problem. We can get trucks in and out of here. It’s tight but it can be done.

One problem though, their truck was broken so could we get our own truck? “Ugh! Um, I sold my company. I doubt they’d let me borrow a truck.”

“Oh, and our driver isn’t here, so you need a driver too. ”

Even if I could borrow one of my old trucks, I don’t have a CDL so I cannot drive them. I’m not hiring a truck and driver to haul watermelons. Then I remembered one of my farmer friends had a truck. Some quick communication and he was kind enough to let me borrow it. It had farm tags so I could drive it with no CDL (I love being a farmer!)

Unfortunately he wasn’t sure that the tags were current. Uh oh. Looks like we’ll be smuggling watermelons in an illegal truck. Oh well, we’ll give it a shot. Expired tags isn’t a huge offense and I haven’t had a ticket in over 20 years so I shouldn’t get in too much trouble. We went and borrowed the truck, hooked to the trailer, and hauled the whole rig back to the farm. We unloaded them as fast as we could and took everything back as it was getting late. All the while hoping not to get pulled over and dodging thunderstorms. It was an exciting afternoon.

While we were unloading, I kept trying to give our intern, Adam, some watermelons to take home to his family. He didn’t seem to interested. I asked if he was going to have nightmares about watermelons and he confirmed that he was indeed planning on it. Too funny.

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  1. I will get my own tractor trailer this is the first time I will start my own business I just want to find out how much will cost each watermelon from the field

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