What are my qualifications for being a gunsmith?

  1. I’ve been a shooter all of my life. I spent my youth roaming the farm with a brick of 22s and a rifle. Although my active shooting has waned over the past few years, I’ve put a lot of rounds down range in my life.
  2. I’ve been a gun collector for most of my life. I’ve owned, handled, shot, and taken apart, just about every gun there is. From WWII vintage to modern black rifles.

    Gunsmithing certifications
    Some of my certifications
  3. I’ve attended months of classes at the fantastic NRA program at Montgomery Community College. This is one of the finest programs in the US and we are blessed to have it right here in NC.
  4. I continue to take classes, every year, at MCC to keep building my skill set.
  5. I’m a lifelong wood worker with decades of experience.
  6. I’ve been a metal worker for over a decade. I am a MIG and TIG welder. I am also an accomplished machinist.
  7. I have a fully equipped wood shop.
  8. I have a fully equipped metal shop.
  9. I have a fully equipped gunsmithing shop (these are all different shops)
  10. I’ve been in the service business for my entire working career. I know how to take care of customers.


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