What did you have for breakfast?

Pigs eating apples out of a cardboard tote
Apple breakfast

I took this picture last Sunday when I was feeding the pigs. These are some of our finished pigs having their breakfast, about 1000 pounds of apples and watermelons. You wouldn’t think a 250 pound pig could jump or stand up on it’s hind legs, but these pigs were doing exactly that. The two you see so well in this shot had managed to just about get in this tote, which is about 3 feet tall. The rest of the pigs weren’t quite so spry so I cut open the cardboard so they could nose their way in there. While their jumping ability is surprising, their nosing ability is legendary. You give them a crack they can get their snoutĀ into and they have the cardboard ripped open in seconds.

I thought this was a good picture as I caught both the pigs in the tote, just taking their first bite of apples. It quickly devolved into a feeding frenzy just seconds after this shot was taken.

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