What is in the store actually?

I get emails and calls routinely.

“Do you have any ribeye steaks?”

“Is there raw milk in the store?”

“I need (insert ice cream flavor here). Do you have any?”

Everyone knows me, because I’m “Farmer Dan.” The guy who runs the show. El Jefe. Plus the voice on the other end of this internet thingy. So of course I am the one you ask. Here’s the truth. I’m barely in the store. I go in once per week, for about 30 minutes, to drop off all the goodies I’ve picked up from our other farmers. I put most of it in the stock room (not the customer area). And then I go about the rest of my day blissfully unaware of how much butter we have.

Jeanette does all of our store management. And our ordering. At this point in our farming career, I just drive the truck and pay for stuff. She’s El Jefe when it comes to the store, and the source of all the information when folks need to know what we have. So my answer to everyone when they call/text/email is either, “Call the store during store hours and ask Jeanette.” or the ever popular, “Forward this to Jeanette and get her to answer it.”

Usually I’m not even here when these requests come in so it isn’t like I could walk over and look. Why am I telling you this? Well because I feel like an idiot for not knowing the answer to your question. Confession is good for the soul and all that. Plus, if you are looking for an answer to a stock level question, your best bet is to follow one of the two solutions above. If you are a regular you probably have Jeanette’s info. If not, call the store during store hours.

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