What to do on a slow day

Last Saturday was SLOW in the store. Slower than a normal weekday. It appears that with the story book perfect weather, everyone was at the fair, which makes sense.

However that left three girls on the payroll with little to do. I was busy doing farmer paperwork stuff, Miguel and Vicente were busy doing actual farmer stuff, SWMBO was busy doing yard work stuff. That left the girls to their own devices.

“Daddy, do we have a rake?”

I handed her the leaf rake and went back to work.

Later the girls tell me that they had a big pile of leaves, but Miguel came by with the tractor, scooped it all up, and hauled it off. They had their lips poked out.

“Oh well girls, he’s just cleaning up.”

Shortly thereafter.

“Daddy, can we use the wheelbarrow?”

So I turned them loose with that.

Several hours later I walked outside to find this.

The girls, building their leaf pile
The girls, building their leaf pile

It seems the girls, undaunted by the 17,000 lb backhoe’s work, took the wheelbarrow down to where Miguel dumped their leaves and loaded, by hand, several loads of leaves and hauled them back to where they had their original pile.

The Princess and Myla sweeping up
The Princess and Myla sweeping up

Then they took the brooms from the store, and starting sweeping up all the leaves they could get, making lines through the yard.

Crystal raking up a path through the yard
Crystal raking up a path through the yard

Once their work was done, it resembled something like this. 

They used the leaves to make a riding/obstacle course for their bicycles. They then spent the rest of the afternoon riding bikes around their course and making plans for expansion this coming weekend.

They were so proud of what they’d done, they even asked to borrow my phone to take pictures, which is where all these pics came from. The girls took them all, and many more I didn’t utilize for this post.

You come here and see kids working. You don’t see what they do when you aren’t here. This is a glimpse of what goes on in between customers. I couldn’t be happier with how their day went. So I’m glad everyone went to the fair and had fun. Now swing by the store and get some real food. Man does not live on fried twinkies alone.


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