Where are all the eggs?

Our chickens are behaving badly. I think they found out that I bought some eggs from our chicken farmer so they’ve gone on strike. We are getting almost no eggs from them now. Now I know that they are laying somewhere, they’ve just decided to be hard headed and lay anywhere but in the coop. With that in mind we went looking around for eggs around the barn yard. We are finding them here or there but we also found this.

Winch on a bucket truck
The winch on our bucket truck

This is the front of our huge bucket truck. To go along with the huge truck, there is a huge hydraulic winch. I’m not sure what the capacity of this winch is, but I’m pretty sure that with a decent snatch block and somewhere to tie off, I could move the Earth out of orbit with it. Beside the hulking rusted winch, we have this.

Baby bird eggs
Baby bird eggs

Not exactly the chicken eggs I was looking for, but very cute. We didn’t mess with the nest as Miguel had seen the bird just fly off. Hopefully we’ll have little peepers soon. I sure hope we don’t need the bucket truck for anything in the next month or two.

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