Whew what a day

After milking this morning, Miguel and I went to remove a door from my work which needed to be seriously repaired. It was a very old metal door that was coming apart. We put in a bunch of work and about 5 hours later we had it as good as new.

We then left the farm to go to Carthage to pick up a tractor and a fuel tank, again for work. This was after unloading 17 round bales of hay from the trailer without the tractor which was in the shop. That was fun.

We loaded our wares in Carthage and trailered them back. Upon our return we swapped trucks and took of for three different pig food pickups. All in we probably picked up about 1000 pounds of food for the critters. We came back and unloaded it in the dark and fed the pigs a sample. Then it was off to dinner where I was already an hour late. This list skips about 40 other things that were done today. I think I will sleep good tonight.

The good news is Spunky did well today. She came to the barn easily and her yield was improved a bit. Her production should still be coming up so we should be on our way to 3 gallons in the next few months.

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