We will be open while I’m in school

After talking with Lucy, we were able to work out some days and times that she can work. This coming week I will be here Monday and I’m meeting quite a number of you. I’ll also be here part of Saturday, the 14th. Saturday morning I’m picking up our next cow and bringing it back to restock the freezer so I’m open for appointments all afternoon but closed in the morning. If you are looking for steaks, or have a pickup order already in the books, plan on coming by Saturday afternoon for a pickup as I’ll have your order pulled by then.

Starting the week of the 16th, Lucy will be open for appointments from 2pm-5pm Wednesday and Friday. She is already in the booking program so you can book appointments with her now. This should allow our regulars to get by and pick up their weekly goodies. Lucy won’t be doing tours during the week but we are open for tours on Saturday the 14th. Spork will be doing tours all day and I’m doing them 1/2 day, after I get the beef put away and the pre-orders filled. Also the Mrs. will be manning the store Saturday morning so come by and buy lots of weird stuff to test her out.

It’s going the be a little crazy the next few weeks as different people are working different times. If you have any problems booking an appointment, just text me and I’ll get it straight for you. Since I’ll be in class I won’t be answering phone calls but I will try to return them during breaks and after hours.

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