Winter time schedule

Have you ever noticed that when you see a cool old car that’s been beautifully restored, it was from some old guy in the midwest? Like North Dakota? Or upper Michigan? Ever wonder why that is? It’s because after the snow is blown, the sidewalk salted, and the wife and kids made busy, the men disappear into their garage/basement/shed/etc and tinker away the cold and dark hours of winter.

Here in North Carolina, we don’t really have the same thing going on. Heck wasn’t it 70 degrees a few days ago? I’ve been surfing in February many times. Sometimes it was cold, but sometimes it was shorts weather out of the water. We have it made compared to those hardy souls in the frozen midwest.

These past few years, I’ve spent a lot of my winter months in my office, working on year end paperwork, creating the website, doing posts and newsletters to all you fine folks. But this year, I decided I was going to do something different. No, scratch that, this year I was going to do something I used to do. This winter I was going to spend more time in my shop, like my cold cousins do during their winter time. No I’m not restoring a classic car, I’ve already been there and done that.¬†What I’m doing is piddling.

You see, I enjoy just being in my shop, knocking out little projects. And there are SO MANY projects to be done on a farm. Often these projects aren’t able to be tackled because they ought to be done, or it would be nice if they were done, but they don’t HAVE to be done. That means they languish while actual farm work is tackled daily. Or maybe we go to the piano recital, or I get my flying credentials freshened up, or play airsoft with Spork and his friends. Basically all the other stuff that happens in life takes priority, as it should.

But this winter, it has purposefully been focusing on getting into the shop and working on projects. Shop projects. I’ve already been hard at work these past few weeks trying to get some projects tackled, completed, and off the to do list. Some of them have been there for 5 years or more. I haven’t been posting pictures or details of these projects because, well, they aren’t fuzzy animals or funny farming stories. What that means is there really hasn’t been much to post. However, I’m going to rectify that this week. I’m going to take some pics and tell you folks about what I am actually working on so you can see what else goes on on a farm. We’ll interject some cute critter stuff here and there and of course talk about farming as well, but be prepared for a little variety this week.

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