Working with the Princess

Today I am working for The Princess on a school project. We are building the hanging gardens of Babylon, one of the ancient wonders of the world. We are doing it to scale so no big framing work today however we had to make an ancient water lift system to pump the water to the plants.

While this is a collaborative effort, The Princess handles all the critical jobs and design efforts. She is also in charge of all the math. I provide dumb labor and hit things with hammers.

The Princess is in charge of MIG welding while I have to handle TIG. At 7 she is not quite ready for TIG yet.

After a few hours of work, we did have to take a break to feed the pigs. Tomatoes, baby carrots, and bananas. Not a bad breakfast if you are a pig.

We will work the rest of the day on the gardens, then tonight we will be processing 4 deer that are showing up. A gift from a friend at the end of deer season. Looks like the room we made in the freezer lately from pork is getting replaced by venison. Spork and The Princess will of course be in the thick of any meat processing, as always.

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