Wow that was a lot of sales


That didn’t take long.

Yesterday morning I was all smiles because we had everything (except eggs) in stock. Steaks, bacon, sausage, roasts, liver, chicken, heart, tongue. Everything!

And the eggs were supposed to be here yesterday but were delayed till Monday so by Monday we’d have every single category fully stocked. I was really looking forward to telling people yes over and over when they asked if we had a cut of meat.

Now we are out of ribeye steaks.

The ribeye is my favorite steak. It’s the one that I eat almost exclusively unless there aren’t any available. I was looking forward to eating some ribeyes again. Maybe some sirloins for the kids and a filet for the Mrs. It was going to be a good night as soon as we had time to make them. The ribeyes were here two days. Guess how many I got.

Yep, no soup for you!
Yep, no soup for you, er, me.

We still have PLENTY of all the other cuts and eggs on the way so don’t despair. I was just amazed at how fast we went through those ribeyes.

Good news though, besides all we have in the freezer, we also already have another cow scheduled for the processor the middle of December so whatever we run out of, will be back in stock shortly.


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