Yield on #25

So we have something new here on the farm. One of the big things you look for in your cows is the yield percentage, or how much meat is there compared to total body weight. Because we’ve never had scales, we had no idea what our yield was. With all the weights recorded from our new scales, we have our first yield.

#25 weighed 1126 pounds on October 29th, 2015.

On October 29th, we took #25 to Chadhry’s Halal Meats. On that date, she had a hot hanging weight of 594 pounds. That means head removed, gutted, and on the hook. That is a yield of 53%. Anything above 60% is great for grass fed, anything below 50% and you are losing money. #25 fellĀ a bit to the low side but all things considered I’m pretty happy to have our first data point on our yields.

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