You can take the kid out of the farm…

But you can’t take the farm out of the kid. My crowd, Spork, The Princess, and Bok Bok in Nashville haming it up. Of course dear ol’ dad stayed home to take care of the farm and work.

And with it being 24 degrees this morning, work I did. Pushing 800 pound bales of hay did warm me up nicely though and the cows were surely appreciative of some grub this morning to help with the cold. They also appreciated the section of woods they could get in to keep the frost off of them. We will leave that section open to them this entire rotation so they have some shelter from the winter wind and weather.

This morning I may have secured our new bull. I have been trying to buy a lowline Angus bull from a friend for a while. It looks like I may finally succeed here in a month or two. This will work perfectly as I can sell Benjamin while he had plenty of calves yet to produce and I can start working the lowline genetics into my herd. Plus with the new milk cow coming, I have to sell Benjamin before she goes into heat after she delivers her calf in about 5 months. I don’t want to loose another cow to Benjamin’s huge body. He is fine for angus but just too big for a Jersey. If anyone wants a beautiful bull, let me know. He eats out of my hand and has been perfect since day one.

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